“If your business is not easily visible in Google or Social Media, it basically doesn’t exist”

In 2019, this statement is more real than ever. Back in the ’90s when Google appeared in our lives, it wasn’t the most popular search engine at the time, but over the years its popularity began to grow, and the companies started noticing that appearing in the first pages of Google meant more fame, and more traffic meant more profits.

Now in 2020, typically “search” means Google.

And, while BING and Yahoo certainly do have their followers, in the final analysis, if your product, service or cause is going to be successful, it better be on Google. And, if you want maximum traffic, it better be on Google page 1.

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Improve Your SEO

A few things to improve the SEO of your business for this year:

1. Quality over quantity:  Google’s algorithm improves every year. It is advisable to review the texts in a continuous and respectful manner. The length is also awarded by Google, which continues to punish duplicate content, excessive keywords, and unnatural language usage.

2. Know your customer:  The primary focus of any good SEO campaign is to identify the specific characteristics of your ideal customers, including geographic, demographic, and psychographic variables.  The more you know about your audience, the more powerful your digital marketing efforts will become.

3. Keep it simple:  Mobile devices are gaining more and more attention each year. Work on local SEO, improve loading speed, avoiding plugins or large images— including geolocation among keywords, have an attractive template or attend to voice searches are some of the keys.

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Use Google SEO Tools

Remember to use the Google Mobile Search Optimization Test.

The perfect SEO campaign has to take care of every aspect of your specific market.

Frankly, it just takes a lot of work!  And, the type of work it takes is time and thought intensive.  And, to add one more level of complication, it’s always changing — a new competitor arrives, a new product line is available, a bad review or news item has to be dealt with.  The search engine consultant,

Here in at the MarketingCODE.com, we take care of all that.  We do it every day.  If you’re looking for the perfect SEO campaign for your business, contact us!