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Digital Marketing Agency: Your Online Partner

Digital Marketing is using digital channels and online media to promote your product and services.  The beauty of digital marketing lies in the feedback loop for your advertising which is typically “real time.”


As Digital Marketers, we look at how often things are viewed, how the user interacts with content, which forms work better and what messaging is most impactful in which segments of the market.  And while the internet is the most popular channel for internet marketing, others include wireless text messaging, mobile instant messaging, mobile apps, podcasts, electronic billboards, digital television and radio channels, etc.


Digital Marketing:  Real World, Real Time


Digital media is everywhere.  It’s as close as your cell and links you to over billion-plus users of Facebook.  It’s local and global, at the same time!  Digital Marketing allows you to access the platform.  It enables you to distribute your story to a massive number of people; but, it also allows your product or service to be evaluated and judged by that same mass of people.

Marketing Company for SEO in Columbia

As we like to say around here, the internet is a great place for getting your story out or ‘outed’…

Digital Marketing encompasses all areas from the crafting of your message, content marketing, to the monitoring of your advertising.  It is helping you create a brand using the power of social media like Facebook and Twitter.  And, it’s using big data to identify and capitalize on trends.

We can help you with it all.  Furthermore, we can provide the feedback loops and metrics to measure the incremental success of each marketing effort and dollar spent.

A Digital Agency That Understands Digital Marketing and You

In the traditional marketing agency world, you get two types of answers: 1) A solution that is too expensive for you to afford; or, 2) A solution that fits your budget but won’t work.  I started my marketing career before the internet with one of the largest banks in the US.  Since then, I have actively engaged in small business and entrepreneurial pursuits.  I can tell you that the big get bigger by doing things that work and work well.  The fact is, however, that most small businesses do not have the resources to have a marketing department.

With MarketingCode, you can have a marketing company uniquely positioned to understand both your business and the digital interactive environment.  Better yet, you can have a Marketing Agency committed to staying on the very cutting edge of technology.  And, with our stable of strategic partners like Real Internet Sales, Godaddy, Google, and BrokerLEAD, we can bring the power of data to life for you.  We can leverage these relationships to deliver power to your marketing arsenal.

With our system, we will carefully explore your current marketing and branding.  We will identify your customer demographic.  We will orchestrate plans with budgets and deadlines.  Then, we will go into action.  As we produce data, we will measure it with some of the best tools in the industry, tools like Google Analytics or Facebook’s Ad Manager.  And then, we will modify (if necessary), but we will execute!

No Obligation, Free Digital Marketing Review

Now it’s your chance!  Tell us a little bit about your business and website assets.  We will send you a review of your current digital marketing and a few suggestions for improving it.  It’ll only take a few moments, and the insights that you receive will be well worth the time!