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Why Do You Need A Marketing Agency Like Us? Does Survival Sound Promising?

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Marketing Can Safeguard and Promote Your Online Standing


When you’re trying to negotiate the digital minefield that is the internet, you need a partner.  MarketingCode can help you succeed on the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing!  We can help Marketing Company Columbia SCyou ensure your reputation on the internet is both monitored and protected so that you can pursue your business with confidence.  You can be assured that years of your hard work won’t be wiped out by one negative rating on Google, YELP or a Rip Off Report.  Think of us as your internet bodyguards.


If you’re trying to grow your brand online, the very tools you need to use are also the tools that can dismember your online reputation.  So often we’ve seen companies embrace social media reviews as a method to grow their exposure only to be devastated by a hyper-critical review or carefully crafted attack from a competitor.


We can help you plan and execute your marketing plans.  It takes careful consideration of both the upside and downside.  And, for every move, there is a counter-move.  We will look at your goals, competitors, and the environment.  Then, we will help you move decisively to capitalize!




Bad Google Reviews, Social Media Nightmares, and the Power of the Right Marketing Company


In the traditional marketing agency world, you get two types of answers: 1) A solution that is too expensive for you; or, 2) A solution that you can afford but won’t work.  I started my marketing career before the internet with one of the largest banks in the US.  Since then, I have actively engaged in small business and entrepreneurial pursuits.  I can tell you the big get bigger by doing things that work and work well.  The fact is, however, that most small businesses do not have the resources to have a marketing department.  With MarketingCode, you can have a marketing company uniquely positioned to understand both your business and the digital interactive environment.  Better yet, you can have a Marketing Agency committed to staying on the very cutting edge of technology.  And, with our stable of partners like Real Internet Sales, and BrokerLEAD, we can bring the power of data to life for you.  We can leverage these relationships to bring you a hyperlocal marketing powerhouse that you can put into your marketing arsenal.



With our system, we will carefully explore your current marketing and branding.  We will identify your customer demographic.  We will orchestrate plans with budgets and deadlines.  Then, we will go into action.  As we produce data, we will measure it with some of the best tools in the industry, tools like Google Analytics or Facebook’s Ad Manager.  And then, we will modify (if necessary), but we will execute!



Take Control Of Your Online Marketing Today


There is no time like the present to get a handle on your online marketing profile.  We can help you get a benchmark of where you are; and, we can help you chart a course for where you want to be.


Let’s talk. You’re going to be glad that we did!


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