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The advantages of social networks for the user are known by all. Who does not have a social profile? These platforms allow us to communicate with the rest of the world and do it instantly.

Precisely that popularity and massive use is what makes them also interesting from the point of view of digital marketing, since they provide us with an immediate connection with millions of people related to our brand, which helps us to generate a community environment of profiles interested in what we can offer them and in the same thing that we are interested in.

Social media marketing is a discipline that increasingly generates more interest. These are some of the main advantages of social networks:

  • Visibility
  • Customer loyalty
  • Testing of products and services
  • Customer Support
  • Contacts with influencers and professional collaborations
  • Advance in the sales funnel
  • Study of the competition

These are some of the main pros of the campaigns in social networks, but we will explain why more carefully.

Main advantages of social networks

1. Increase visibility and can improve a brand’s online reputation

What is the first thing that users do when a brand awakens their interest? Search it in social networks. Any brand that wants to position itself solidly on the Internet must pay attention to the image and management of its social networks.

The first of the advantages of social networks is that these are the showcase closest to the consumer and a great source of attraction to the website of a company. Therefore, they should show a good image of the world.

2. Helps retain customers

What is our reaction as customers when we enter an establishment and are treated with maximum attention, personalization, and interest by our interlocutor? What if, in addition, they offer us discounts, personalized offers or participation in raffles whose prizes are attractive to us?

Probably, the next time we need something sold there, we will return to the same place to make our purchase.

The use of social networks from the perspective of marketing is not very different:

  • Based on the content that generates interest to users, responding to their doubts and concerns, and making promotional actions that bring them a benefit, a brand can get a simple follower to become a loyal customer.
  • Instead of talking about a brand all the time, we should be interested in knowing what our followers are looking for, what problems they have in relation to our product, and helping them to solve them.

Consumers are grateful for those brands that truly serve them. If they see that our interest in serving them is genuine, they will thank us by returning again and again.

Social Networks Marketing Columbia SC Area

3. They allow offering a more direct customer service

Customer service is the main part of any loyalty strategy. If when a client or potential client addresses us, receives adequate treatment and their experience is satisfactory, they will increase the chances of it becoming a regular buyer.

Given that social networks are the tool that the client has the most at hand to establish contact, it is very common for Facebook or Twitter accounts to receive communications and inquiries from the public.

Another advantage of advertising on social networks is that they are a powerful loyalty tool.

These can range from simple comments to questions or complaints and, since in many cases they are exposed in a public way, we must take special care in how to manage them.

Now, if the person or persons in charge of social media have the adequate preparation, use a calm and cordial tone and provide solutions to the problems that arise, social networks can be a great advantage to strengthen the image of the brand before the public.

4. They make it easy to advance in the sales funnel

Social networks play a very important role, not only for the attraction and customer loyalty but also during the lead nurturing processes and the buyer cycle.

Through the creation of interesting content and frequent activity in them, the public is acquiring first knowledge, then familiarity and finally trust in the brand.

Through the creation of interesting content, we can make users gain confidence in the brand and advance through the sales funnel

The networks will then serve to make them advance through the sales funnel, deriving traffic to the next stage and making it a little closer to the point where they are already prepared to acquire the product.

5. They allow studying actions of the competition

From the perspective of marketing, studying the actions in social networks of competitors that are located above us can become a valuable source of information that allows us to improve our actions.

Through the analysis of the networks in which they operate, the type of content they publish and which registers the most engagement, their frequency, or the publicity in social networks they carry out, we can adjust our own social media strategy to provide better results.

If you’re looking to optimize your presence in social networks or online marketing in the Columbia SC area, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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