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Marketing Agency focus on Hyperlocal Traffic

Are you looking for a cutting-edge Marketing Agency?  Long recognized as one of the Top Digital Agencies in Columbia SC, we want to enlighten you on the power of digital.  What does that mean? We combine the power of search and hyperlocal technologies to ensure your brand is found. We integrate and invigorate social media to ensure your success. And, our marketing agency controls every aspect of this marketing blitzkrieg in-house.


Digital Marketing Agency Columbia SC

MarketingCode extends and focuses your brand.  We also peel back the skin of Google Searches and check for issues that might harm your online reputation.  How? As one of the top digital agencies in the US, we excel in brand recognition, social media expansion, email marketing, and advertising excellence. We go to customer sources like Facebook, Twitter, Google and other dominant Digital Media to let them know who you are and what you do!


Online Partnerships to Increase your Digital Marketing Power

We seek out the most influential alliances for your business to reach your goals. Do you need content? Do you need local or regional search? Do you need to repair your reputation or reviews online?  Does your brand present a cohesive and consistent online presence?  We identify, establish, and evaluate your ongoing marketing and marketing partners to ensure value added in the relationship. Our Digital Marketing Agency captures and harnesses this immense power for your message.

Affordable. Powerful. Effective.

Digital Marketing Agency

Affordable. Powerful. Effective.

We help clarify your goals and fine-tune your marketing strategy!

Whether you’re a national foundation or an international brand, you must communicate with your constituency. You must continuously monitor and improve the quality of your message and the reach of your communication. Digital Marketing is about reaching out.  Digital Marketing is about telling your story through today’s most dynamic mediums like GoogleFacebook, and Twitter.  It is also about using those mediums to create compelling digital advertising to broadcast your message and extend your brand.

We can help! We can help you inform, educate and inspire. We will help you communicate through excellent website design, social media message and effective internet marketing.

Marketing Company for SEO in Columbia

Digital Marketing Agency Services


Content Marketing

We can help you craft the most impactful message for your audience. We craft your message with incomparable style and impact using the best techniques in content marketing.  Then, through the power of social media, we can amplify your story to have its most significant reach!  Finally, we ensure your website and marketing online “shelve space” by using the best practices in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to help your exposure in Google and other search engines.



If the past century has taught us anything about marketing, it is that you can’t be a leader unless you have the power of distribution.  Today, social media and search are the temples distribution.  We can harness that power for you.  We can structure your online advertising to appeal to your customer demographic.  We will take time to learn where your client is likely to search on search engines like Google and then we will make sure your marketing is there for them to find!


Focused Engagement

To keep your message energetic, it has to be fluid. We will help you craft compelling and meaningful content.  Though our SEO expertise, we will ensure that each article or post or offer is appropriately written, indexed, and distributed over social media for maximum impact.  Most importantly, we will structure your marketing for client interaction to create rapport with your potential client or customer.


Mission Ready

Whether you’re looking to overhaul your entire website presence or just looking for a specific need (Google search, Facebook ads, e-commerce), we can help.  We can start from where you are.  And, we can get you to where you want to go.

Digital Marketing & Branding

Facebook, YELP or Twitter

Lastly, we insure that all your marketing is consistent across internet. Whether a client is looking at your website design, social media (Facebook, YELP or Twitter) or searching on Google. We will build a marketing system that clearly and effectively communicates your core values to the world! Your marketing must be consistent as we enter the age of branding transparency.

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