Online Marketing,  is the use of the Internet and social networks in order to improve the marketing of a product or service.

It is important to note that online marketing is a complement to traditional marketing, not a substitute.

The concept of online marketing emerged in the mid-nineties, with the emergence of the first electronic stores (Amazon, Dell others). Social Media Marketing, also called Marketing in Social Networks, is part of the Online Marketing although it is a concept that emerged several years later.

Online Marketing

Why is Online Marketing so important in 2019?

  • Measurement: when performing an online marketing strategy, it can be measured much more easily than traditional marketing strategies.
  • Personalization: digital marketing democratizes personalization, that is, it allows you to personalize the treatment with the client at a very low cost. It is important to note that modern consumers expect a completely personalized treatment from companies.
  • Brand visibility: if a company is not on the Internet then it “does not exist” because it has been proven that most people search on the Internet before buying a product or service in the physical or digital world.
  • Recruitment and customer loyalty: online marketing allows to attract and attract potential customers and retain current customers.
  • Increase in sales: online marketing can significantly increase sales of the company because the potential customers of most organizations are in the digital world.
  • Create community: online marketing and especially social media marketing allows to create a community that interacts with the brand, creating an emotional link between it and its customers.
  • Channel with great reach: online marketing uses the Internet and social networks as a channel, which allows a great impact on the reach and positioning of brands.
  • Experimentation: online marketing allows you to test tactics and adjust strategies in real time to optimize results.
  • Low cost: online marketing strategies are lower cost than most traditional marketing strategies, which makes them accessible to small and medium businesses.

Having a good online presence, develop a coherent strategy, properly manage your social networks and be participatory in your community, can facilitate the conversion of potential customers. To make it look a little clearer, we leave you with some very significant figures:

  • 52% of the companies have obtained clients through Social Networks.
  • More than 40% of brands receive friendship requests from LinkedIn.
  • More than 50% of the brands have increased their budget for Online Marketing.

Although apparently creating a blog or managing social networks may seem like an apt task for many, you must keep in mind that making mistakes is very easy. The idea is for a professional in the sector to develop an online marketing plan for your company, which has two very different parts: strategic and operational.
We always recommend that the strategic part is always carried out by an online marketing expert, who will know which tactics are the most appropriate to maximize your chances and optimize your online communication and online marketing strategies.