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Search Engine Optimization Columbia SC (SEO): Giving Your Website A Chance To Succeed

SEO is the Key To Having Your Website Found On Google

SEO:  Single Most Important Marketing You Can Do

Before you prepare for anything else, you had better ensure that your website can be found.  As indicated by the graph, over 91% of people stop searching after the first page.
In our world today, typically “search” means Google.  By some accounts, Google gets almost 90% of the relevant product searches.  And, while BING and Yahoo certainly do have their followers, in the final analysis, if your product, service or cause is going to be successful, it better be on Google. And, if you want maximum traffic, it better be on Google page 1.

Search Engine Optimization:  How to Make Spiders and Other Crawlers Work For You

So, how do you do it?  Better yet, how does Google do it?  If you’re unfamiliar with Google’s methodology here’s a pretty good primer (video below).  And, although it is a little dated, it’s a classic!



Whether You Call It Search Engine Optimization or SEO, You Better Have It


Ok.  If you took the time to watch (and I hope you did), it should be clear that Google is pretty sophisticated.  Today, Google’s Algorithm is even more complex measuring social media “intangibles” like Facebook, Twitter, and other sources.  It effectively checks to see if yoSEO and Google Trafficur story and branding are consistent across all platforms— i.e., are you credible?  And, from this information, it determines a Page Rank.  Ultimately, this factors out to whether you rank on page 1 or 21.


We are experts in helping you define your message and branding.  This ‘storytelling’ is classic Marketing Agency stuff.  But, where we stand out and shine is in implementing the latest technology on getting your message to masses.  And, in the metrics, to ensure that we can measure and change course when and if needed.  Gone are the days of ‘set it and forget it’ marketing.  You must be able to respond and project in real time.  Your search engine rank is an indication of how effective your message “matches up.”


Why Does SEO cost so much? Can’t you do it once?


This thought is the most asked question.  If you have an understanding of just how many things Google searches now and just how many things you have to make sure “match up,” then you’re well on your way to answering the cost question.  Frankly, it just takes a lot of work!  And, the type of work it takes is time and thought intensive.  And, to add one more level of complication, it’s always changing — a new competitor arrives, a new product line is available, a bad review or news item has to be dealt with.  The search engine consultant, Moz completed a survey in 2011 on SEO cost worldwide.  The study amplified that while prices do vary worldwide that the services needed to ensure your website presence do not!


We take care of all that.  We do it on an ongoing basis.


Website Optimization Techniques:  What Will Make Your Online Marketing Successful


There are a great many factors that go into Optimizing your website.  We have to understand the competitive nature of your business, your services, and your goals.  It is the synthesis of this information along that produces a successful online marketing plan—it becomes your MarketingCODE.


Let us help you with the process.  Take a few minutes to fill out the FREE, NO OBLIGATION contact form.  We will provide you with some valuable information that will help establish a baseline and, hopefully, provide you with some insights into your strengths and weaknesses.  And, while we certainly hope that we can help you with these issues in the future, either way, the knowledge that you gain will be helpful.  And, it’s yours to keep!



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