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Search Engine Optimization For Property Management: Bob Capes Property Management and Sales

Online Marketing, SEO and Social Media Means Finding Property Owners and Renters

    Property Management Search Engine Optimization



    Website: RentColumbia.com

    Project Scope:  Research Keywords For Marketing Area, Ongoing Optimization for the site, Lead targeting, Facebook Marketing and Social Media Marketing


    Anatomy Of A Successful Marketing Program For A Property Management Firm


    If you want a successful property management company, you must do two things well:  1) Find Property Owners; and, 2) Find Property Renters.  Frankly, this seems pretty straightforward—even pretty simple.  So, how does digital marketing help you do that?


    Search Engine Optimization (SEO):  How To Let The Property Owners and Renters Find You

    In today’s world, when we want to know something, more often than not, we go to Google.  If you’re a property owner or property renter in Columbia South Carolina (our client’s location) or one of the surrounding bedroom communities, you’re going to go to Google and type in something like “Property Management Columbia South Carolina” or “Property Management Lexington South Carolina.”


    SEO Property ManagementGoogle Search Help for Property Management


    Excellent Property Management Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is about making sure that your website is structured to give your site the best opportunity to appear on the first page of Google.  We help you do that by creating the site organization, content and link structure that gives your website the most favorable treatment by Google and other search engines.

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