Online Brand Protection: How to Take Care of It?

If you are already developing a strategy to attract more customers through the Internet, one of the points that you must take care of the most is the image your brand is transmitting (reputation management). This is defined by the content published and the interactions with the followers, their opinions, and the conversations generated around your product or service.


It is a critical factor for any digital content marketing plan’s success, but not all businesses take it into account. The reputation or public perception of a brand is something that we must work on permanently to avoid possible crises and also be prepared to act intelligently before them.


online brand management



Some tips:


To start our reputation management, the first step is to verify what is being said about our brand on the Internet. A good way to do this is to review conversations with our followers in recent months: was there a complaint? Was the response quick? Was the client satisfied with the solution provided?


You can also research the search engines, either by the company’s name or the products or services offered.


Then, you can apply some of the following steps recommended by the best experts in digital marketing:


Define the most important points of your brand message: who is your target audience, what type of information or content is relevant to it, and what will be the tone of the communication.

Generate and publish content that generates real value for your followers and customers. That is, to answer your most frequent questions, help them solve specific problems, inspire them and, in the end, make them see your brand as an important ally in your life.


Keep all the profiles of the brand updated on social networks. Mainly, all the information that describes your offer (what do you sell?), Your differential value against the competition and the contact data. Do not miss any opportunity!


Create a community: This is essential so that communication with your audience is close, warm, and genuine. And to achieve this, you need to regularly generate actions that you tell your customers and followers that are important to you and do not only look for them to sell them something.


Have a constant presence. To generate a relationship of trust that strengthens your brand online, your followers need to know that you will always be there for them. To do this, regularly publish on your blog, talk with your followers, and be attentive to complaints. When a profile on social media is created and then abandon for lack of time is a bad sign, so work only with those to which you can spend time.


Count with a well-detailed contingency plan in the face of a possible reputation crisis in social networks. This can be due to a failure in your product’s quality or service or negative comments from angry customers. Do not get caught off guard!


We recommend you to put these recommendations into practice, as they will help you take care of your brand on the web. Which of these actions do you regularly? What do you need?



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Improve your Social Media Strategy Today!

How a Social Media can improve your marketing strategy?

Social Marketing Strategy

A Social Media Strategy is a plan that includes all the detailed actions that will be carried out to achieve the company’s marketing objectives.

The reasons for an active social media marketing program is abundantly clear; however, here are some additional considerations of the particular advantages:

  • Engagement.  

    Unlike other advertising sources, social media gives you an opportunity to get a “look”, both literally and figuratively, at your potential client and demographics.  Also, advertising on social media can be “targeted” specifically to pre-defined demographics.

  • Immediacy.  

    You can respond to problems or devastating PR events immediately.  If you are careful in constructing an ongoing platform of social media, it can become your media rapid deployment force.

  • Competition.  

    Your competition either is engaging in social media now or will be soon.  Building an audience that is predisposed to your marketing message gives you critical mass to engage customers and launch new products.

  • Medium.  

    Overall, social media is a better environment to engage your potential customers.  Social media users consider advertising less intrusive than other classic advertising methods; accordingly, you have a more significant opportunity to get your message out.

  • Intelligence.  

    You will both find new customers, and new customers will find you.  Social media is so large that it will allow you to use ‘big data’ to discover potential customers that may well be outside of your target demographic.  This power of data will allow you a greater insight into the distribution and service area.

  • Analyze and improve your Marketing Strategy constantly.

    If it can be measured, it can be improved. After analyzing what are your customers looking for in your Social Media, it is time to create a strategy that can help you measure a keep evaluating your evolution.If your goal is to find more customers, for example, you can follow closely the engagement in every post and how many people are you reaching with it. One tool you can use for this task is Google Analytics.

If your goal is to find more customers, for example, you can follow closely the engagement in every post and how many people are you reaching with it. One tool you can use for this task is Google Analytics.

Simply put, Social Media is a critical component of today’s advertising arsenal, and you need a firm that does it well.  We do!

We can show you how to use powerful social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and YELP to create an audience.  We can show you how to harness the incredible data and demographics to advertise efficiently.

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